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Why is fast delivery of products such a challenge today?

It is possible to overcome the demanding conditions in the supply chain

Aug. 18, 2022

In the electronic component industry, there is a lack of raw materials. Absence of workers due to illness (Covid-19) still has a large impact on production delays.

Materials such as neon, palladium, nickel and others are difficult to supply due to the ban on importing goods from Russia, and we also have problems with air transport, as all Asian planes to Europe usually fly through Russian airspace, but this is not possible now. Manufacturer inventories are therefore lower than usual. 

As supply chain issues continue to grow, manufacturers are looking for any solution to get products to end customers. One possible solution is the modular design of electronic components.

Modular design of components as a possible solution to supply chain problems

The modular design does not represent a new concept in product design. It is a design approach that incorporates smaller, independent modules into the final product. Modules enable the flexibility and adaptability of the system.

Thus, when designing circuits, manufacturers already use the principles of modular design. Although the basic digital design of processors and memory remains the same, there are any number of modular options for connecting I/O, analog, data, communication and similar electronic functionality.

In many applications, manufacturers can include all electronic functionality on a single printed circuit board. However, as this is currently a time-consuming process, they prefer a modular approach where they make identical modular motherboards for all products and then add modules as needed. This makes production much faster and more affordable. The new modular expansion cards require only board-to-board connectors.

Solutions for connection between panels

At Nexum, we offer a wide range of connectors for connecting two circuits manufactured by Samtec. Most of the new modular expansion cards do not work at the PAM4 56/112 Gbps data rate. That's why we have adjustable solutions for connectors. You can choose different heights, densities and orientations. Options include vertical and perpendicular orientation, surface mount, seal and transition finishes.

Challenges in supply chains certainly remain. But everyone involved is looking for different ways to overcome them. At Nexum, we strive to provide our customers with ordered products as quickly as possible by keeping as much stock as possible. We are also in daily communication with our suppliers of electronic components and our carriers to ensure cost-effective and speedy delivery of the ordered components.

If you would like to know more about our range of high-speed connectors for connecting two circuits from Samtec, please contact our product specialist who will find the best solution for your application. Check out our other range of connectors and cables for fast transfer.


Aleksandra Memon

Power Electronics | PCB Relays & SSR | PCB Connectivity

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